Best Scuba Masks of 2017 – Top 10 Diving Masks of The Year


We Picked The Absolute Best Scuba Masks Of 2017

If you’re in the market for a scuba mask, there are many important things to look for when you’re buying your scuba or diving mask.

In this post, we have done all the hard work for you and have picked the top 10 best scuba masks for 2017, so all you have to do is pick the right one for you, and go scuba diving!


#1 Seaview 180 Snorkel Mask For Adults and Kids


sea view mask


This is a full face snorkel mask. It has a built in anti-fog and anti-leak that make this a go to mask for scuba diving beginners, especially because it prevents the gag-reflex with its tubeless design.

With an easy breathing dry snorkel and a foldable tube, GoPro Compatible Mount makes this an ideal choice, as it lets you the option to take HD video of your under-water experience!

This is a very simple scuba mask and we extremely recommend it for beginners and kids.

The Seaview 180 Snorkel mask is extremely popular and is rated a jaw-dropping 5 stars!



#2 Seaview 180 Foldable Tube Scuba Mask [3rd Generation]




This is a new design and the tube is foldable, which makes it absolutely awesome, and probably the best scuba mask for traveling as you can put it in your carry-on as well as stow it neatly in your luggage.

Ideal with the GoPro Mount and you can also easily attach your GoPro camera to the mount to record and share your underwater experience and then share it with friends and family.

It has a wide180 Degree Panoramic view and reality flat lens, and this integrated design enables clear viewing with a vast view.

Its different than curved lenses that act more like a fisheye, these instantly make things much more distinct so far less risk of dizziness and headaches. The flat lens offers a clear view with less distortion of reality.

Another great feature is the dual Anti-Fog technology and natural breathing make this an ideal full face mask. It allows you to breath either through your mouth or nose, and has no tube to stick in the mouth and clench while underwater.

The inhaling and the exhaling airflow is separate and will offer a clear view chamber that reduces leaking and fogging. Permanent anti-fog technology allows for a completely fog free experience. As a diver myself, I know how annoying foggy lenses can be.

This seaview scuba mask has a built in dry system that prevents the salt water from flushing the mask when it’s dipped under water.

Non-toxic flexible and soft silicone skirting allows for a comfy fit and an excellent seal.

The wide strap is easy to adjust and will prevent the mask from slipping. You’ll spend more time exploring under the water than adjusting your mask with this unit.

We loved the 3 month 100 percent money back guarantee, as if you’re not fully satisfied you’ll be able to get your money back on this unit.

Ideal for all ages, for pros as well as beginners and perfect for surface snorkelers. Ideal for recreational swimming and adults as well as youth, this is one of our favorite scuba diving masks ever.

You’ll love the easily adjustable size and the comfort that this mask offers for your face. Unrestricted view and you can take in the sights without sacrificing quality. Kids especially loved this model. Fits well even on a small sized face and head. No worry about water seepage.

100 percent money back guarantee. If you don’t completely love this snorkel, return it and get all of your money back.

Get rid of that old fashioned snorkel. With this new innovative design, you’ll have a full 180 degrees that you can see through and you can breathe through your mouth or your nose without a mouthpiece.



#3 Cressi Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Freediving Mask and Snorkel Set


cressi scuba


This model is available in 9 colors, black, white, yellow, purple, blue, clear, brown camo, green camo, and pink.

With a no-frame design, you’ll find that this is lighter weight and offers a large view. Low volume styled design offers a swivel and an easy to adjust buckle.

Perfect for both hunters as well as photographers. Ideal as a back-up mask and it will readily fold and fits into the BC pocket. This is the first submersible Dry Snorkel in their Cressi collection.

The dry top will reduce and eliminate the water entry when it’s submerged. The mouth piece is an easy to use silicone and has flexible tubing.



#4 Enkeeo Full Face Mask with a 180 degree Panoramic view



This offers a watertight and an anti-fog face. It also includes a waterproof phone case as well as the GoPro compatible band.

This unit offers an easy to breathe design that covers the full face. The patent will separate the inhaling and the exhaling channels. You’ll enjoy high volume air flow at 20 to 50 percent more than the average mask. It works well as an anti-fog mask and you’ll appreciate the 180 degree view.

It allows you to freely open your eyes when you’re underwater. You’ll appreciate the broad view of wildlife and ocean life.

You’ll enjoy a watertight anti-fog experience and it’s skin friendly and the mask will readily seal so that you always have a crystal clear view.

With 4 elastic straps, you’ll appreciate this comfortable fit.

FDA approved liquid silicone rubber and soft, anti-aging materials offer a toxic free and an odorless experience. It also boasts an auto adjust buckle.

This scuba diving mask comes with a bonus – 2 free gifts include a fluorescent waterproof phone case as well as a 360 degree rotatable wristband for the GoPro. Ideal for selfies and underwater shots.




#5 Full Face Snorkel Mask 2.0 By X-Lounger




This folding mask offers full face coverage and a detachable GoPro Mount Pivot.

It also offers an earplug and a 180 degree view. Easy breath dry top and an anti-fog coating offer a perfect anti-leak experience for youth and adults.

This model is available in 3 colors, blue, pink and black.

As a 2nd generation mask, this frosted and foldable snorkel is made of a high-quality PC and of FDA silicone.

Readily folds at the push of a button. Ideally, solves the issue of how to fit the mask into the luggage.

Equipped with a detachable GoPro mount and it installs easily. The GoPro extension pivot arm allows you to record your video from a variety of angles. This is a great solution for keeping the GoPro out of the water when looking forward.

Panoramic view and a realistic flat lens round out some of the best features of this model. A 180 degree view offer you a superior view of regular lenses. Unlike the curved lenses that offer a fisheye view, you’ll find that your view is much closer and you won’t feel dizzy or have a headache when using this model.

Anti-fog design makes it easy to breathe and the full face coverage allows for breathing via the nose or the mouth. You won’t have to use a breathing tube in your mouth while using this mask. The 9.3 longer snorkel tube make deep diving a reality as well. Separate chambers for inhaling and exhaling.

Don’t worry about choking on water as the ball at the top of the tube is automatically sealing off the air valve and preventing water from entering the mask while submerged, this means a better and safer experience for beginners and children.

The mask will completely drain when the head is raised up out of the water.

Quick shipping and a high-quality warranty make this an ideal choice for beginners to professionals. You can also buy the inflatable snorkel vest if you’re not a great swimmer.

They are compatible with this model and will enhance the experience. Committed to offering up an excellent experience. You’ll love the 100 percent replacement or refund offer.




#6 Vaincre 180° Full Face Snorkel Mask




Available for adults and kids. You’ll see more underwater with this large view area.

You’ll enjoy a 180 degree full view design. The largest of any mask on the market today and you’ll easily be able to breathe via your mouth or your nose while underwater.

This model offers a dry snorkel technology and you’ll appreciate that the system will prevent salt water from getting into your mouth or your nose if you’re underwater. No need to keep a snorkel in your mouth during the process.

Excellent anti-fog design and the mask will give a separate breathing chamber that will allow for more airflow away from the main view.

Easy to adjust for size and comfort and an unrestricted view mean that you can concentrate on the rest of the experience.
Includes mask user manual and a waterproof camera mount that will work well for all ages. Ideal for beginners to experts.



#7 Explomos Diving Snorkel Mask

expolomos scuba mask

This diving mask offers a GoPro Mount for 180 degree full panoramic view.

Anti-fog technology and anti-leak technology offer dry snorkeling experiences for adults as well as youth and kids.

Available in pink, black or blue.

Ideal for a full face snorkel. With a 180 degree view and full dry breathing tube, you’ll find that you can breathe easily through your nose or your mouth.

Comes with a detachable GoPro mount (included) so you can remove it with the touch of a button. The mount is very easy to install and remove.

Anti-fog design and anti-leak design make this a great option for anyone who struggles with these issues. Air flow is dual and offers both inhaling and exhaling channels to prevent fogging up.

High-quality materials and eco-friendly it’s also ergonomically designed. Flat mirror uses high-quality Pc and ensures clear visibility.

Come with a 1-year warranty round out this model which makes it a great option if you tend to break your scuba diving masks fast!

To get the latest price and purchase it, click the button below!



#8 Zeeshy 180 degree Scuba Mask


zeeshy mask


Built with panoramic View and Easy breathing technology.

Also includes an Anti-Fog and an Anti-Leak technology, with an Adjustable Head Straps Design, this is definitely a great scuba mask.

This unit is available in blue, green or pink, kids size available in blue only.

This snorkel mask offers a 180 degree viewing area. It’s easier than ever for you to breathe comfortably via your mouth or your nose while you’re snorkeling.

Dry technology keeps you dry and stops salt water entering your masks.

Anti-fog helps to reduce the need to use separate breathing and air flow chambers.

The package will include snorkel mask, manual, waterproof camera mount and ideal for all levels beginner to pro.




#9 Octobermoon Original Second Gerneration Snorkel Mask


Like some of the other diving masks we reviewed today, this mask comes without a mouth piece so you can breathe through your nose or mouth.

It offers a 180 degree Panoramic view with fog-resistance technology.

This mask is very easy to adjusted, and its extremely comfortable. We especially loved the customer reviews this mask got, click here to read them yourself.




#10 Full Face Snorkel Mask 180° Panoramic View Scuba Mask By Pushurlimits



This is a perfect Snorkeling Set includes an XL Snorkel For Easier Breathing. Anti Fog as well as an Anti-Leak Design and a Larger Viewing Area. By pushURlimit.

This model is readily available in 3 colors Coral Blue, Lagoon Blue and pink.

Stop settling for regular goggles and mouthpieces and try what the pros use.

180 degree no distortion panoramic view and anti-fog technology. No concerns about gagging on salt water with this model. Relax and enjoy the next vacation with this model. Easy to pack, easy to take with you when traveling.

Easy use fabric straps and you won’t have to worry about it tangling your hair. Kids won’t panic as they will be able to breathe comfortably.

The set includes a completely waterproof waist pack so it can be taken anywhere and you can store your valuables right with you while underwater.

Also, has a carry on bag and cleaning cloth so you can always keep it smudge free. Some adjustments may be required if you have a beard for a tight seal.

100 percent money back guarantee.



Let’s Wrap It Up And Go Diving!

We hope we helped you pick the best scuba mask for your personal needs and wants.

Buying the right mask can be confusing, if you got overwhelmed with this article, we recommend to just get Seaview 180 Snorkel Mask For Adults and Kids,  as it’s extremely basic and great for beginners.

Now that you know what you’re looking for, you can go find the ideal scuba mask for your own personal needs.