How To Choose The Best Snorkeling Fins For Your Needs!


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Don’t believe anyone who tells you that all snorkeling fins are created equally. While many of them may look similar at first glance, there are a variety of differences between each make and model. For that reason, some fins are simply better than others.

But how do you know which ones are the best if you’re new to the world of snorkeling and its equipment?

Thats exactly what we’ll try to help you figure out in this post!

Choosing The Best Snorkeling Fins

While snorkeling, you use the majority of your energy kicking your legs. The fins are there to ensure that each stroke of the legs is as efficient as possible.

Size Matters

This usually means fins that are longer deliver the best results. The fins may also include some additional features that maximize the thrust provided from each thrust.

But what if you’re only interested in light, casual snorkeling? If that is the case, then comfort should be one of your primary concerns.


You want to find a snorkel that will fit snugly but isn’t too tight. It can be difficult to find such a fin if you are buying them online. You will need to read the reviews and compare their sizing charts to your foot size.


Another consideration is whether to choose a travel design or a traditional style fin. What’s the difference? A travel fin is shorter and wider.

The wider blades are often more rigid as well to compensate for the thrust that is lost in the length. Travel fins are ideal if you are taking a plane to the snorkel location. It makes it easier to fit into your luggage and make it onto the plane without requiring an additional charge.

If you don’t mind the extra charge or your snorkel location can be reached with ground travel, then traditional length fins are your best option. Many of these fins can be as long as two feet and some are even longer. This will include the pocket for the foot as well.

Remember, the longer the fin, the higher the efficiency, but only up to a certain degree. Lengths longer than 26 inches are often reserved for professional free divers.

Strap or Full Pocket

Finally, you’ll need to decide between a strap or a full foot pocket. The foot pocket causes the fin to act like a shoe.

It covers the entirety of your heel. The strap, on the other hand, simply straps around the back of the heel.

A strapped fin is often designed specifically to wear with dive boots.

Full pocket fins don’t require the use of the boots and are therefore better for a beginner or casual divers.

Now that we discussed what to look for in your diving fins, let’s move talk about our picks for the best fins in 2017.


Our team research and tried dozens of fins throughout the years and we came up with a list for those of you out there, who would like to save time and go diving as soon as possible.

The fins below are all great options, all you have left is to pick the one that fits your diving needs and is to your liking.

US Divers Trek Travel Fins


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US Divers is an extremely popular source of diving equipment. They are known for manufacturing high-quality products specifically for target niches. For example, this Trek Travel fin is perfect for beginner divers who are interested in snorkeling while on vacation. They are compact and perfect for carrying with you on the plane. The fin is made from a high-quality material with enough rigidity to provide decent thrust. And the foot pocket is designed to be soft, comfortable, and adjustable.




Cressi Palau Short Snorkeling Swim Fins




They may be labeled as “short fins”, but they actually travel design fins. However, they are slightly longer than your average travel fin. Still compact enough to carry with you as you travel, but long enough to provide a quality snorkeling experience to the intermediate diver.

The length also makes them ideal for other water activities like rafting and canoeing. The foot pocket is designed so that it can easily slip on and then strap across the back. The adjustable strap allows the pocket to accommodate people of varying foot size. It can also be worn over existing footwear.




Cressi PLUMA Lightweight Fins


light snorkling fins


Once again, Cressi is on the top five list. This time it’s a full-length traditional fin style. The blade for this fin begins extending near the top of the foot. It’s a design feature that allows for 20 percent more surface area for the same amount of length.

Cressi has been manufacturing high-quality diving products since the 1940’s and this is just another example of their craftsmanship. Similar to their previous travel model, this full foot blade features a non-slip foot pocket.



COPOZZ F2 Short Snorkeling Swim Fins


copozz snorkling

These are unique fins that feature a short, ergonomic design and foot pocket. They are travel size, but their double-sided design allows for a large surface area to push the water as you thrust. The strap is adjustable for multiple foot sizes. Overall, these are some of the best travel sized snorkel fins on the market today. They look great and they perform even better.




US Divers Proflex II Diving Fins


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Number one on the list comes from US Divers. These are traditional diving fins with long blade lengths and dual-composite fin rails. The fin rails improve the effectiveness of each thrust beneath the water. These fins are ideal for snorkeling as well as scuba diving. They are designed for power as well as control. There are a lot of interesting features on this model, yet they maintain a contemporary design that will appeal to many.

There are a lot of interesting features on this model, yet they maintain a contemporary design that will appeal to many.




In Conclusion

There are a lot of great diving fins on the market today and they don’t cost an arm and a leg. We hope this post help you choose the best snorkeling fins for your needs!

Brands like Cressi and US Divers have been around for a long time and are responsible for most of the exceptional products on the market today. Keep them in mind, but don’t forget to pay attention to the underdogs like

Keep them in mind, but don’t forget to pay attention to the underdogs like COPOZZ because they often release great products as well.