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Our Unbiased Cressi Leonardo Dive Computer Review 

Scuba diving is one of the best, most fascinating sport activities out there. To be able to see the ocean from the ground up, to be able to swim among the wildlife, there’s not much better in life. Of course, you do have to make certain you have the right equipment.

To that end, we took a look at the Cressi Leonardo Dive Computer Watch. How does it measure up to the other computers on the market? Does it fit comfortably? Can you depend on it during a long dive, or do you need to allow for a few minutes buffer time? Well, here’s the full rundown of the Cressi Leonardo.

We have decided to take a deeper look into the cressi leonardo in this post, after we compared the cressi leonardi vs the suunto zoop dive computer.

Without further ado, lets dive in!


The Cressi Leonardo dive computer is a great quality beginner’s dive computer, not the most advanced model on the market, but certainly all that a neophyte to diving could need.

The device can track a diver’s air supply, their nitrox and gauges all activate with a single button.

It features a one button design intended to be to withstand water pressure and still be uncomplicated to use for a diver who’s new.

There are no complicated menus to choose from and the computer easily toggles between modes and simple menu options with the usage of a single button.

The modes and menus are intended to be as simple as possible yet still give a good range of options for those who need to experiment with different forms of diving.

It’s important to keep in mind that the best dive computers are the ones that keep you alive. There are a ton of fancy features available across the various computers, but you should make sure to get the one that fits you and your style of dive.

The last thing you want is to realize a few seconds too late that you won’t be able to make it to the surface for oxygen!

What does other divers say about the cressi leonardo?

We went ahead and read customer reviews about the cressi leonardo watch, and obviously the majority of opinions were extremely positive, that’s why this computer is a best-seller.

What people love the most about this watch is that its extremely easy to operate and use which is very important, especially for beginners and intermediate divers, but also for the pro’s among us.

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The Memory Features

The device’s onboard memory can hold the data for up to 60 dives, or you can choose to reset it after every dive you take.

When combined with its uncomplicated usage, many scuba gear rentals or dive centers find them useful for equip inexperienced divers with good equipment with minimal risk to their customers. 

For those with a personal computer, the dive computer can be hooked up to a PC and logs of a dive can be stored with ease in a digital format.

Since it is always advisable to keep a log when taking up a new sport, a digital log can be quite useful for newbies to diving. It’s a good idea to have a solid grasp of how long you generally take before you go on longer dives where every second might be precious, after all.


The Design of The Cressi Leonardo Watch


Cressi Leonardo review 2017


The screen is 2 inches wide and constructed to be as easy to read as possible. It doesn’t use specialized abbreviations and has a numerical display large enough to be read with only a glance.

That’s an important feature when you’re relying on a device to keep you alive! The screen can display important information such NDL, a diver’s current depth and their maximum depth, their dive time, their NDL, temperature of the water and the computer’s battery level.

Another screen show’s the diver’s PO2 setting, their gas mix and a conservatism factor. The device also displays both screen and audio warnings whenever a diver is going too deep and things get dangerous. That said, there is no safety stop timer, which some users may want).

The device can also track ascent rate using stacked arrows to make it easy to understand and the system features an oxygen toxicity warning system and alarm. Nitrox can be programmed up to 50 and the PO2 settings can be moved from 1.2 to 1.6 altitude, an ordinary depth for a new diver.

The three levels of conservatism are useful as well, allowing the diver to set the system in the way they need moment to moment.

The device could use a stronger backlight, but otherwise, its modest price and uncomplicated usage makes it an attractive choice.

Advanced divers will probably want a more advanced dive computer though, so one’s experience with diving should be considered before buying any dive computer.


Our Overall Opinion On This Dive Computer Watch

At the end of the day, this is a solid dive computer.

It may not be the most feature heavy, but as stated you don’t need a lot of fancy features. What you need is a solid, dependable dive computer that won’t fail on you at the one crucial moment you need it to work.

To that end, the Cressi Leonardo dive computer delivers.

The backlight can be a bit of a problem, but otherwise it’s large, easy to read, and easy to use. Those are the three most important features in a good dive computer for anyone.



Cressi Leonardo Alternatives?

If for any reason, you thing the cressi isn’t the best watch for you, we have recently reviewed the best dive computer watches of 2017 and we highly recommend you take the time and read it.

When choosing a diving watch, you should take your time as it will effect your overall diving experience. The last thing you want is to be underwater without the right diving equipment.

We hope this post helped you get a better understanding of the Cressi Leonardo dive computer, and wether it fits your needs or not.

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