Henderson 3mm Thermoprene Shorty Scuba Diving Wetsuit Review


Henderson Shorty Scuba-Diving Wetsuit – Full Review & Guide

Hendersons’ “shorty” wetsuit is one of the most popular wetsuits, especially within the scuba-diving community, but will it fit your specific needs? thats what we will try to answer in this review.

The 3mm Thermoprene Shorty scuba diving wetsuit is one of the latest products for men manufactured by Henderson.

It has all of the features and benefits you would expect from an expensive, high-end diving suit, but without the expensive price tag. It’s perfect for casual swims in the pool or vacations to exotic locations. The suit is designed to be anatomically friendly for men and comfortable at all times.

If you’re in the market for a high-quality, but budget-friendly diving wetsuit, then this is one of the best options on the market. It also helps that it comes from a reputable company like Henderson. Following is a brief review of the company, then of the wetsuit, and finally some common questions customers have asked about the product.





The Henderson Brand – WorldWide Renowned


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Quality products almost always come from a quality company. When it comes to diving apparel, Henderson Aquatics is one of the biggest names in the market.

They have managed to appeal to beginners, intermediate, and highly-experienced divers alike. What is it about their company and their products that keeps buyers coming back for more?

From the very beginning, there was always an attention to quality. That attention was supported by professional experience. The two original founders of the company had years of experience in the marine industry. Following the second World War, the US Navy temporarily disbanded their diving service and sold all of their diving inventory to the founders of Henderson.

The company would continue to work alongside the US Navy as they later reinstated their dive services. Henderson designed the original zip on wetsuit. This very suit became the standard model used by the Navy as well as the US Coast Guard. Clearly, they had to pay extreme attention to detail as their products were being used in service to the country.

Over the years, Henderson would go through a number of changes. They would also pioneer changes in the SCUBA diving industry. For example, they were the first company to recognize the role of women in diving. They created diving suits specifically for women that focused on colors and fashion rather than functionality alone.

The 3mm thermoprene shorty scuba-diving wetsuit is another shining example of the innovation that Henderson is capable of. It combines some of their original concepts from the 1960’s with cutting edge science and manufacturing capabilities. That allowed for a product that was not only affordable but offered many powerful advantages over competing suits. Here are some of the advantages of the 3mm Thermoprene shorty.


The Thermoprene Wetsuit Line 

The biggest feature of this particular wetsuit is the Thermoprene component. Thermoprene is a term coined by Henderson and is used in an entire line of their products. In reality, it is a high-quality neoprene material. If you don’t already know, neoprene is a synthetic rubber that is durable, flexible, and capable of retaining warmth. That’s why it’s so often used in lunch bags, coolers, and “koozies”.

Thermoprene is a neoprene that features some proprietary changes. Most importantly, those changes are meant to improve the elasticity, flexibility, and heat retention qualities of the suit. This particular suit can stretch 75 percent more than an equally sized suit from the competition.

The improved flexibility makes it easier to perform a full range of motions while diving. It’s also easier to get yourself into once you’re ready to dive. Other suits might require a lot of work to pull over the shoulders or around the body. The Thermoprene line of suits is designed to go on easily and come off just as easy.

Finally, the Thermoprene features increased durability. Any equipment or straps that you use while diving won’t wear down the surface of the suit. You can keep this one ready to go for years to come.

Manufactured With Quality In Mind


technology behind the wetsuit

As you see in the picture above, the thermoprene material this wetsuit is built from gives you an extra layer of warmth and makes it way more durable than a cheap-rubber based wetsuit.

Even with a high-quality material like Thermoprene, it’s still possible to create a subpar product due to cutting corners in the design or manufacturing stages.

Luckily, this has never seemed to be a problem with Henderson products and it certainly isn’t with this 3mm shorty.

The importance of quality manufacturing is a trait ingrained in the Henderson culture. Likely due to their original work with the United States Navy and Coast Guard.

Where other companies might cut corners to save a few bucks on production costs, Henderson finds other ways to save money and gives 110 percent to design and manufacturing. This can be seen in the BGS-glued and blindstitched seams. This prevents the possibility of any water seeping into the suit even after years of use.


Henderson Shorty Wetsuit is EXTREMELY Comfortable

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Diving suits don’t have a reputation for being extremely comfortable. The 3mm Shorty eliminates that stereotype by being one of the most comfortable suits on the market. This is thanks to a variety of different factors, such as the anatomical design specifically for men.

First, the Thermoprene itself plays a significant role in the comfort level. It’s a very comfortable neoprene material. Even though it fits snuggly against the body, there’s enough flexibility that you don’t feel stiff or awkward. The neoprene is highly compression resistant and is capable of retaining a large percentage of your body heat. This is extremely important in waters that drop below 70 degrees.

Second, Henderson has included a few extra features simply for comfort. There is lycra trimmed cuffs, an adjustable collar, and a spine pad. The spine pad helps retain body heat and keep you warm as you submerge into cool waters.

Finally, the back-zipper pull tab may not impact your comfort while you are diving, but it does affect how easily you can zip the suit up. If you’ve had experience with difficult wetsuits in the past, then you already know what a nightmare it can be. The 3mm Shorty zips up easily thanks to the pull tab so you’re ready to go and spend less time stressing about preparation.

There were a few questions that surfaced time-and-time again from potential customers. Knowing these questions and their answers ahead of time can help you make a better purchasing decision.

WAIT! Before You Buy – Know The Answers To These Questions

Q: What Size Suit Should I Purchase?

A: Henderson provides a very detailed size recommendation chart. You can input your various measurements and check the chart for the recommended size. We have found this chart to be very accurate most of the time. The elasticity of the Thermoprene means that it can easily stretch to fit people of different sizes. However, some customers with broad chests and shoulders found they needed to purchase a suit one size larger than recommended. Keep this in mind when choosing your size.

Q: Does The Suit Add Buoyancy?

A: Yes, but very little. Every neoprene suit will add some buoyancy to your dive. However, this 3mm suit is very thin, which greatly reduces the added buoyancy. And because it is a “Shorty” style, the lack of long sleeves and legs also reduces buoyancy. So while some buoyancy is added to your dive, it is very minimal. Far less than you would experience with a full-length neoprene suit.


That’s Pretty Much it – Lets Go Diving!

Overall, this is one of the best 3mm diving suits on the market today. The Thermoprene technology is the industry standard when it comes to flexibility, elasticity, and warmth retention. It’s available for men of all sizes and is anatomically designed to be comfortable. If you’re diving into waters that are very cold, you might opt for a 5mm Thermoprene suit from Henderson, but otherwise, this should be more than enough to ensure a safe and comfortable diving experience.

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