How To Choose The Best Rangefinders 2017 & Our Top 3 Choices


best rangefinder reviews 2017


Buying The Ultimate Hunting Rangefinder

If you are a long-range competitive shooter or a hunter, you already understand the importance of knowing the distance between yourself and the target.

A miscalculation can throw off your accuracy and lead you to miss the target completely, which can be quite frustrating if you are on a hunting trip and have come across prized prey such as bear, mountain goat, etc.

In the past, the best shooters would pick off prey using their naked eye coupled with some estimations. Today, this is no longer necessary since rangefinders have been introduced to make distance shooting much easier.

The following few paragraphs will look at some important considerations when choosing a rangefinder and the top picks of rangefinders in the market. By the end of this post you will be able to  buy the best rangefinder for your hunting needs.


Five Things To Look At When Choosing The Best Rangefinder


  1. Quality & Price

Quality and price are important considerations when buying a rangefinder and go hand in hand. Higher quality almost always translates to a higher price. A significant difference exists in quality between the cheapest and most expensive rangefinders. The best advice when choosing a rangefinder is to go with the best quality you can afford.

  1. Maximum Range

The maximum effective range of a rangefinder is something you should pay special attention to before buying it. If you are a long range shooter, you should find a rangefinder that’s good over 1,000 yards. A high maximum range is also important if you are an archery shooter. A rangefinder with a high maximum range is still fun to use even if you won’t be using it for shooting or hunting.

  1. Angle Compensation

It is rare to shoot while being level with your prey when hunting. When hunting in rugged terrain or outdoors, almost all the shots will be at some type of angle. The angle you are shooting has a significant effect on the projectile drop. Angle compensation is an important consideration when buying a rangefinder. Different manufacturers may call it something different, but ensure that the rangefinder you choose has a version of it.

  1. Size DOEST Matter

With all the gear used in hunting today, the size of the gear is an important consideration. You should ideally find a rangefinder that fits into your pocket easily but still easy to use and hold. If you buy a rangefinder that’s too small, you will be fumbling for the right buttons. If it is too big, you will have to leave it in your truck since it is too cumbersome to carry around.

  1. Simplicity of Use

Operating a rangefinder should be as simple as pushing the button and reading the yardage.

This is what makes a good rangefinder so good its job. Rangefinders today come with very many instructions that have to be read and understood before you can effectively use it. However, you should not let the extras fool you since all you need is an easy to operate rangefinder.


Our Picks – Top 3 BEST Rangefinders in the Market 2017

1. Nikon 8397 Aculon Reviewed


nikon rangefinder


The 8397 Aculon by Nikon is highly compact and easily fits in your hand. The rangefinder’s manual states that it has an effective range of 550 yards, which makes it ideal for outdoor activities. It supports single button operation, which is quite critical when you are moving continuously to track your prey.

It features a decent quality LCD screen display and you can easily read the essential metrics. It uses a CR2 battery. The best thing about it is that it powers down automatically after 8 seconds when not in use. This is a great feature that preserves battery power.

The Nikon 8397 has a good eye point design that allows even the people wearing spectacles to have a full field of view. It also helps you get accurate readings for targets obscured by obstacles such as grass or bushes.

With all these amazing features, it is not hard to see why the 9397 is a bestseller.




2.Bushnell Bone Collector Reviewed

bushnell review


The Bushnell Bone Collector is a simple, lightweight rangefinder that suits hunting sessions of all types, whether for a long and rigorous hunting session or just a hobby. The manufacturer states that it has an effective range of about 600 yards.


The Bone Collector is a bit different from the other models from the brand since it is sturdy, more durable, and rainproof. When you first look at it, the rangefinder might appear heavy but it is not. It actually weighs less than 10 ounces and fits great in your hand due to the great ergonomic design.


The rangefinder can even work in low lighting conditions and allows you to hunt even in late evening hours. It is obviously never good to lose your target because of low lighting. Fortunately, the Bone Collector offers the same accuracy even in low lighting ensuring that you never miss your target.

The Bone Collector is a favorite for rifle and bow hunters and offers many amazing features, which is hardly surprising that it is the best rangefinder under $150.




3. Simmons 801600 Volt 600 Laser Rangefinder Reviewed


simmons rangefinder

The Simmons Volt 600 works great in providing an accurate range for your target. It uses a 9V battery. It is a vertical style rangefinder, which means that it measures 4 inches longer on the vertical side, which might not be too appealing for those looking for a compact design.


It is a lightweight rangefinder that offers 4X magnification only. It is thus suitable for hunting close range targets. It can display the distance in meters as well as yards, which is quite an impressive feature for a rangefinder costing less than $100.


The Simmons Volt 600 is made for shooters and hunters looking for an affordable rangefinder. While it may lack scan mode, this is to be expected since you cannot expect too many features from such a rangefinder. However, it is still great for short rage shooting and hunting.

The Simmons Volt 600 features a really basic and sober design, which is probably the reason why it is so appealing.



The Bottom Line

A rangefinder is an invaluable tool for the modern hunter or competitive shooter. However, finding the right rangefinder for your needs and budget is never easy since there are numerous options to choose from.

Fortunately, the information provided here is enough to help you find the best rangefinder for your needs and budget.

We hope we helped you find the best rangefinder for your needs, and if we did, please make sure you share this post to help fellow hunters!